Old Stone Furniture

Old Stone Furniture got started in 2008. At that point I had spent about ten years working in various facets of the woodworking trade. I had gotten my start in a custom door shop on the west coast. I was part of a twelve man shop that made high end custom doors for clients in and around San Francisco. From there I moved into making acoustic guitars, working for a couple of well regarded shops. First was CFox guitars, a small five person shop located in Healdsburg, California. It was started by one of the pioneers of the acoustic guitar building renaissance Charles Fox. There I learned the importance of achieving both precision and speed in my work. Next came Santa Cruz guitars where I continued to learn and also where I met my wife. Eventually I realized that while building guitars was exciting and romantic, there was more to woodworking and I wanted to explore the craft more deeply. I decided to look for work making furniture. Me and my wife moved further north to Forestville, California and I took a job in a small four person shop making Arts and Crafts style furniture. It was a rewarding experience and I was exposed to a lot of furniture building techniques that I had not known before. One of the friends I made at that shop had left to go out on his own building houses and custom cabinetry. When he offered me a job building a two story guest house I couldn't resist, playing carpenter was my favorite thing to do as a kid and building a house with a friend sounded like a lot of fun. It was a great experience and by the time we were done my first daughter was born and me and my wife decided to move back to New England to be closer to family. When we got to Connecticut I took a job in a high end cabinet shop in town where we did everything from traditional style kitchens to complete cabinetry and interior mill work for cutting edge modern houses.


In 2008 after the birth of my second daughter, I decided it was time to go out on my own, so I started Old Stone Furniture. I am a one man shop focused on building historically inspired furniture. Each piece is made entirely using traditional hand tools and methods to produce furniture that is historically authentic and built to stand the test of time.

Over the years I've built hundreds of pieces of furniture for happy clients all around the country, seen the birth of my third daughter and continued to grow as a woodworker. My shop work is still infused with a deep respect and interest in the craft. I strive to bring knowledge of the past into everything I do while keeping in mind the necessity of meeting the utilitarian needs of the present.